Simon, Hurd, Dolan, and Related Families

The Genealogy of the Following Families:

  • The Simon Family of Willebadessen, Germany, and its Descendants in America

  • The Barcant, Krogh, d'Abadie, and Related Families of Trinidad and Tobago

  • The Hurd and Clark Families of Kent County, Delaware and Caroline County, Maryland

  • The Dolan and Carr Families of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland; County Donegal, Ireland; and America

  • The McGillin Families of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Maryland, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  Abt 1830Maryland, United States I5744
2 Edna B.  Abt 1886Maryland, United States I4972
3 Ella M.  Abt 1871Maryland, United States I6922
4 Leatha  15 Aug 1907Maryland, United States I6816
5 Margaret E.  Jul 1865Maryland, United States I5603
6 Marie J.  Abt 1902Maryland, United States I9039
7 Mary E.  1899Maryland, United States I8525
8 Mary Emily  18 Jul 1852Maryland, United States I4924
9 Mary T.  28 Jan 1902Maryland, United States I5284
10 Mary V.  May 1855Maryland, United States I4710
11 Myrtle  20 Jun 1906Maryland, United States I9035
12 Susan A.  Abt 1850Maryland, United States I5691
13 Allen, Ina  3 Feb 1891Maryland, United States I3697
14 Allen, Sadie Edith  Abt 1885Maryland, United States I3831
15 Allen, Walter  Maryland, United States I3830
16 Anders, Margaret  5 Feb 1813Maryland, United States I3648
17 Arthur, Mary Theresa  1893Maryland, United States I1684
18 Baynard, Ann L.  Dec 1869Maryland, United States I5732
19 Baynard, John  Feb 1881Maryland, United States I5727
20 Baynard, John W.  Abt 1833Maryland, United States I5726
21 Baynard, Mary S.  Abt 1874Maryland, United States I5733
22 Baynard, Nancy E.  Abt 1863Maryland, United States I5730
23 Baynard, William  Abt 1864Maryland, United States I5731
24 Baynard, William  May 1882Maryland, United States I5728
25 Berger, Lillian Lorraine  16 Jul 1925Maryland, United States I95
26 Browning, Joseph  Abt 1890Maryland, United States I10174
27 Burch, Catherine Delphinia  Abt 1876Maryland, United States I9756
28 Clark, Addy aka Atlantic Ocean  Aug 1880Maryland, United States I4068
29 Clark, Clara B.  Apr 1896Maryland, United States I4063
30 Clark, Georgianna  Abt 1864Maryland, United States I2876
31 Clark, Gertrude  Oct 1873Maryland, United States I3768
32 Clark, Hazel  Abt 1909Maryland, United States I4312
33 Clark, Hugh  Abt 1904Maryland, United States I4309
34 Clark, John S.  Abt 1869Maryland, United States I3655
35 Clark, John Thomas  1876Maryland, United States I3769
36 Clark, John Thomas Jr.  19 Oct 1915Maryland, United States I4499
37 Clark, Laurence  30 Oct 1879Maryland, United States I2861
38 Clark, Mabel L.  18 Oct 1882Maryland, United States I3720
39 Clark, Mary E.  24 Aug 1891Maryland, United States I4060
40 Clark, Maud A.  22 Dec 1885Maryland, United States I3721
41 Clark, Orra M.  Aug 1886Maryland, United States I4777
42 Clark, R. Elihu  Abt 1906Maryland, United States I4310
43 Clark, Sarah Hargadine  Oct 1884Maryland, United States I4069
44 Clark, Sarah Matilda  Dec 1860Maryland, United States I2874
45 Clarke, Stephen  1966Maryland, United States I8902
46 Cochran, Agnes Marie  13 Jun 1923Maryland, United States I1418
47 Cochran, Edward Leo  21 Jan 1916Maryland, United States I1420
48 Cochran, Henry Stirling  3 Sep 1921Maryland, United States I9631
49 Cochran, Henry Winfield  11 Feb 1895Maryland, United States I1417
50 Cochran, James Raphael  11 Apr 1918Maryland, United States I9632

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anna  Oct 1985Maryland, United States I9043
2 Albiker, George Emmert  10 May 1997Maryland, United States I588
3 Anderson, Maurice Shipley  3 May 2008Maryland, United States I655
4 Bents, Francis Joseph  13 Apr 2008Maryland, United States I8526
5 Bents, Jacob Nicholas  25 Sep 1968Maryland, United States I8761
6 Bentz | Bents, Elizabeth Mary  30 Dec 1988Maryland, United States I10166
7 Bentz | Bents, Frank A.  1977Maryland, United States I8524
8 Bentz | Bents, Leonard Theodore  27 Dec 1986Maryland, United States I10165
9 Bentz | Bents, Raymond Anthony  1964Maryland, United States I8521
10 Blades, Kennard Wheatley  4 Oct 2000Maryland, United States I4268
11 Braun, Margaret Rose  8 May 2007Maryland, United States I1265
12 Brittingham, Ruth Ann  Dec 1974Maryland, United States I4101
13 Calloway, Jean Marie  11 Oct 1996Maryland, United States I3778
14 Clark, John Thomas Jr.  Dec 1981Maryland, United States I4499
15 Clark, Laurence  16 Jul 1881Maryland, United States I2861
16 Clark, Mabel L.  Feb 1985Maryland, United States I3720
17 Clark, Orra M.  Bef 1910Maryland, United States I4777
18 Clarke, Stephen  1966Maryland, United States I8902
19 Cochran, Agnes Marie  26 Aug 2005Maryland, United States I1418
20 Cochran, Edward Leo  14 Oct 1955Maryland, United States I1420
21 Cochran, James Raphael  23 Mar 1988Maryland, United States I9632
22 Conkle, Maxine Elizabeth  16 Dec 2002Maryland, United States I8603
23 Connor, Blanche  1951Maryland, United States I8759
24 Dalton, Lucretia C.  23 Oct 1989Maryland, United States I1421
25 Duffey, Albert  Apr 1980Maryland, United States I4306
26 Duffey, Arthur  Bef 1920Maryland, United States I4304
27 Eckes, Thomas Edward  5 Jun 2012Maryland, United States I8723
28 Edwards, Horace Emil  8 Feb 1998Maryland, United States I3744
29 Edwards, Kellor  13 Jul 1971Maryland, United States I3708
30 Frank, Nicholas Arnold  12 Jan 1922Maryland, United States I660
31 Gibmeyer, Sophia Elizabeth  Bef 1880Maryland, United States I662
32 Gittings, Edward Leonard (aka Edward John)  8 Aug 2000Maryland, United States I10180
33 Gudall, Kathleen Elizabeth  12 Jul 1992Maryland, United States I1281
34 Hagey, Christopher Clifton  23 Dec 2015Maryland, United States I9541
35 Herpel, Charles O.  1937Maryland, United States I9675
36 Hilbinger, Augusta A.  19 Aug 1963Maryland, United States I116
37 Hilbinger, Caroline Theresa  10 Sep 1946Maryland, United States I464
38 Hild, John Joseph  13 Dec 2005Maryland, United States I1429
39 Hild, Keith E.  27 Jul 1996Maryland, United States I10126
40 Hofstetter, Alberta E.  29 Jun 1934Maryland, United States I467
41 Horstman, Henry H.  1930Maryland, United States I9669
42 Hurd, Edward Alton  15 Sep 1994Maryland, United States I2793
43 Hurd, James Henry  Jan 1980Maryland, United States I2866
44 Hurd, Mattie  Aug 1975Maryland, United States I3693
45 Hurd, Nettie  27 May 1987Maryland, United States I3703
46 Johnson, Eugene C.  20 Jan 1995Maryland, United States I8579
47 Jonske, Marie Gesina  1969Maryland, United States I905
48 Knecht, Joseph Gerard  Feb 1978Maryland, United States I1521
49 Krebs, Marie M.  24 Jul 1985Maryland, United States I8601
50 Kulwicki, Angela  20 Oct 1985Maryland, United States I6818

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hild, John Joseph  16 Dec 2005Maryland, United States I1429
2 Hild, Raymond George  20 Sep 2001Maryland, United States I1438
3 Hurd, Edward  25 Aug 1930Maryland, United States I5118
4 Lynch, William Alton  17 Apr 1985Maryland, United States I1410
5 Plitt, Herbert Robert  1 May 2021Maryland, United States I634
6 Rouchard, Louis A.  11 Jan 1996Maryland, United States I1270
7 Winkler, Lillian Catherine  25 Feb 2006Maryland, United States I547


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carr / Carpenter  Jul 1951Maryland, United States F692
2 Dill / Ehlers  19 Feb 1938Maryland, United States F1457
3 Eckes / Luetge  Abt 1884Maryland, United States F2734
4 Honan /   Abt 1929Maryland, United States F2197
5 Kaufman / Gallagher  Abt 1921Maryland, United States F3052
6 Schweiger / Honan  Abt 1926Maryland, United States F3113
7 Schwesinger / Walters  Bef 1940Maryland, United States F2937
8 Springer / Svehla | Swagler  Abt 1925Maryland, United States F3166
9 Wienhold /   Abt 1924Maryland, United States F2827
10 Zurek / Eckes  Bef 1935Maryland, United States F2840

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