McGillin Family History

These web pages record the history of the McGillin family of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The spelling of "McGillin" is most often seen in U.S. records, but "McGillen," "McGillan," McGillian," and "McGillion" are also found.

There are several distinct branches of the McGillin Family in these web pages.  You can go to a particular branch by clicking on the link to each name, below.

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Throughout this web site, living persons will have their identities and vital information withheld, for privacy protection purposes.

The branch of the McGillin family associated directly with McGillin's Olde Ale House in Philadelphia starts with William "Pa" McGillin, who was born in Ireland in 1827.  While there is no direct record of the exact location of his birth, indirect evidence suggests that he was born in Glenroan Townland, Plumbridge District, County Tyrone, in what is now Northern Ireland.  William married twice, and his second wife was Catherine McCoy, known as "Ma" McGillin, also born in Ireland.

A second McGillin branch descends from Bernard McGillin and his wife Alice Keenan, both of whom lived in Glenroan Townland of County Tyrone.  A number of their children came to Philadelphia and worked with William McGillin and were (in some cases) buried in the same cemetery plot as his children.  Their descendants were referred to as cousins to the above branch of the McGillins in at least one public record.

 A third branch consists of the descendants of Thomas McGillin, born in Ireland in 1861.  He married three times, but all his children are from his first marriage to Elizabeth Smith.  William "Pa" McGillin apparently served as the baptismal sponsor in 1897 for Thomas's daughter, Mary, so there seems to be a family connection, but it is not known how he is related to the other two branches listed in this database.

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